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New High Flow UPV's under pump valves

New High Flow UPV's under pump valves
Product Overview:

RIS-UPV under pump valves were designed to replace tank top check valves, and so prevent leakage from faulty suction lines and pipe-work joints. In the case of a leak in the suction lines the pump will lose prime indicating a problem. The optional stainless steel mesh strainers will protect the check valve and also the dispenser internals.

Our High Flow under pump valves are the leading valves in the market and as well as selling to OEM's for inclusion on Dispensers, we also sell for retrofit markets to increase safety and pollution protection in fuel line installations.

• Fits ‘Oval’ 2 bolt flanges AND ‘Triangular’ 3 Bolt Flanges, see diagrams above.
• Easier installation due to improved flush fit design
• High flow capacity
• Includes bolts, washers, nuts and gaskets
• Anodised corrosion resistant finish on all aluminium parts
• FEATURES vacuum breaker, drain down feature, and 1/8” BSP gauge point
• TESTABLE includes above features AND poppet lock down clamps, allowing isolation and testing of pipework without disassembly of suction lines

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